Kanyadaan | 7:30 PM Onwards | 29th Sept

Kanyadaan | 7:30 PM Onwards | 29th Sept

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Kanyadan play is a story of contrasting ideologies and a daughters transformation into a wife and a mother. It is an explosive drama that raises significant social and moral questions about class divide which are deeply thought provoking, and to which there are no easy answers. Vijay Tendulkar was awarded Saraswati Samman for this play.

Cast  :

Jyoti- By Chitra Raj
Nath Devlalikar- By Manohar Joshi
Seva - By Monica Shrivastava
Arun Athawale- By Anupam Choudhary
Jayprakash- By Bhargav Narvekar
Music - By Alankrita Malvi

Crew : 

Producer: @officialrahulagarwal

Executive Producer: @officialrohitagarwal @mariam_dmello

Production Assistant: @Hiya

Assistant Director: @_krishna.s_2522