Knives & Wives | 8:00PM Onwards

Knives & Wives | 8:00PM Onwards

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Don’t Dress For Dinner
It’s about a weekend full of chaos under one roof with unravelling secrets of marriage, lovers and a cook. This comedy is going to have you rolling on the floor with humour that is derived from the bawdy grappling among the various romantic partners.
Everything is set for a romantic dinner but what happens when two love triangles get exposed just before that.

Show Timing : 8:00PM - 9:30PM | Friday | 8th December


Ashutosh Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Anahita Amani
Akanksha Gupta


Director: Shubham Sharma

Producer: Rahul Agarwal

Executive Producer: Rohit Agarwal

Production Assistant: Piyush, Hanosh, Tanisha, Akshay